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    Here are ideas for the five enemies of The Black Hole.

    • Health: 10 Hearts
    • Physical Appearance: The normal Skelebot.

    Attack Name Symbols Attacks Description
    Book Bludgeon



    Damages and cuts Lex.
    Skull Smash



    Damages Lex and smashes tiles.
    Flash Bomb




    Damages and stuns Lex and alters tiles.
    Rift Engine





    Regenerates enemy's health using Lex's health, purifies enemy, powers up enemy, and powers down Lex.
    Defensive Programming



    Enemy is heavily armored and immune to 3-letter words.

    • Health: 15 Hearts
    • Physical Appearance: Will be more technological-looking (if that makes any sense to you).

    Attack Name Symbols Attacks Description
    Poisonous Potion



    Damages and poisions Lex.
    Supply Lines




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    [FLASHBACK] At the end of Bookworm Adventures, Vol. 2, Bigger Brother, in an attempt to control all thought, creates the three-phase plan that involved taking the Magic Pen and using its powers over books to create Rifts (passageways in and out of books) to capture all books and burn them. However, Lex cuts the plan short at Phase Three, and so Bigger Brother's Machine engages in its self-destruction plan, thus destroying the Magic Pen and leaving the Rifts unsealed. Because of this, characters can now walk in and out of any book they please. [FLASHBACK]

    As Lex and his six companions (Mother Goose, Cheshire Cat, Master Wong, The Monkey King, Herbert, and Skeletrox) explore around several books with their new friends from all of the Rifts, t…

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