The Book 3 (also known as "Lexonomicon") is the last book of Bookworm Adventures.

Bosses to be fought:Edit

Chapter Enemies
1 Angry Mob
2 Eternal Wanderer
3 Frankenstein
4 The Wolf-Man
5 The Creature
6 Grim
7 Fallen Wizard Hero
8 The Mummy
9 Dracula
10 Professor Codex (Final Boss)


After the queen give Lex the Scimitar of Justice. Lex go to another book. After defeating 2 chapters, Lex meets Frankenstein, after defeating it. Lex says where is Dracula is. Then Lex goes to a forest, where it meets The Wolf-Man, after that he ask him where is Dracula?, he replied "I don't know". After asking Wolfman, Lex goes to a quagmire, fighting The Creature, Lex ask him again, he replied "I saw them in tombstones" making Lex even worried, after learning that, Lex fights Grim Reaper. After defeating it, the Fallen Wizard Hero challenges Lex into a element fight, after defeating him. He says "Your Friends is still alive, there are hold by Dracula". After defeating The Mummy. He challenges Dracula and Dracula says "You must live Codex alone, join my force" but Lex refuses and defeats him. After defeating him, he saw Codex with a similar cloak that snatch Cassandra. He goes back to the library and Lex asks "Where is Cassandra ?". He says, she is inside my pen, learning that, Lex reveals that Codex is the main antangonist. After defeating Codex, Lex reveals Codex's magic pen and free Cassandra.

Trivia Edit