Bookworm Adventures is a puzzle game made by PopCap. It features Lex as he unravels the mystery in the Great Library.

This game has three books; Book 1: Oedipus Lex; Book 2 : Arabian Knight ; Book 3: Lexonomicon.

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It starts as Lex was reading a book until Codex called him. Codex then shows a book with a message written by Cassandra asking for help. Then Codex told Lex that he must save Cassandra from the book. Using Codex's Magic Pen, he zapped Lex into the book and his adventure starts. After fighting his way after four chapters, Circe then revealed to Lex the way to the underworld and Codex told Lex that he can only bring 3 treasures with him. And at the end of Chapter 5, Lex then meets Hephaestus, the God of Smithing, as he gives him the gems to aid his journey. When Lex got out from the Labyrinth, he then encounters the Lernean Hydra, which then Cassandra warned that this is a continuous battle with no breaks in the middle of the battle. After Lex defeats the Hydra and the other Chapters, he is now at the Delphi where the creatures there turned the people there to stone. As he closes in, he can hear Cassandra's voice nearby. She was guarded by Medusa, the Final boss of Book 1. After Lex defeats the Gorgon, he then arrives to save Cassandra. But when Cassandra is about to tell Lex who the real enemy is, a mysterious being in a red cloak arrives, taking Cassandra away.

After Lex pops out from that book, he then tells Codex that Cassandra was taken away from the book where she belonged. Codex says that it was Dracula. He then tells Lex that he must get a powerful weapon that can be found in the book that he just held, and then zapped him into it. Then Lex lands on a port with many bandits and battled his way through it. At the end of the port, he meets Maladin. Then Maladin asked if Lex was looking for Cassandra, and he then told Lex that she was held 'captive' by 14 thieves in the underground, which makes Lex follow him. After Lex battled his way from those thieves, he didn't see Cassandra and asked Maladin about this and he replied that she was moved to the tomb not far from their location. Upon arrival, Lex went inside the tomb and realized that he was trapped inside the tomb by Maladin but then he found a way out. Then outside, he met the Sphinx that gives riddles to anyone who passes by but Lex managed to answer all the riddles. He then meets Sinbad where he asks Lex for a ride on his ship which was later being invaded by pirates. After Lex battled all the pirates, they got stranded on an island with foes bigger than Lex. But even these creatures don't stand a chance against him. And then Sinbad shouted that the Papa Roc was coming to snatch them. And leaving Lex in a desert where he sees lots of mirages. After he pulled himself together, he saw huts at a distance that sell weird stuff and then he meets again with Maladin. After he defeated Maladin, Lex then takes his Magic Lamp and sets off. Lex then rubs the Lamp wishing that he could find that weapon but was then sucked inside the Lamp and Lex battled through these armored foes. After Lex was forced out of the lamp, he sees a giant palace where a vizier became mad after Lex was trashing the place. Before the vizier makes his final blow against Lex, Queen Scheherezade arrives in a nick of time stopping the vizier from attacking and giving Lex the Scimitar of Justice, the weapon he was looking for.

After obtaining the artifact, he popped out from the book and saw Codex being sucked into another book by Dracula. Lex then jumped in to rescue him and landed in a ravaged countryside where the people mistook Lex for a monster. Lex then asks for the location of Dracula's castle which Magistrate replied that there is one right over the hill and soon Lex left with the directions given by Magistrate. After passing through the highway, he found the castle but found himself battling Frankenstein instead. After the battle, Dr. Frankenstein was furious to Lex for wrecking all of his creations. Then Lex asks if where the creature that 'drains essence' can be found and the doctor pointed him to the forest which leaves our hero confused. Upon arrival, he battled the Wolfman instead and defeated him and got rid of his curse at the same time. Lex then asks him if he knows Dracula that 'drains essence' which makes him reply he doesn't know who Dracula is and points Lex to a swamp where he knows that's where the essence draining creatures are. Lex finally arrives at the quagmire and defeated The Creature. After defeating him, Lex asked where Cassandra and Codex could be, and The Creature tells Lex that he had seen those names... on tombstones, which made Lex even more worried. He then arrives at the graveyard and battled his way to the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper told him that his friends are now 'gone' and told him to look at the tombstones which made Lex being hopeless, battling the Grim, defeating him, and went into the tomb of heroes. The heroes heard the news that a hero was approaching their domain and they give Lex a test which then he passed. The Wizard Hero then told Lex that the Reaper was lying and his friends are still alive and pointing Lex to the right path across the Undead Legion and inside Dracula's Castle. Upon Lex meets Dracula, Dracula then tells Lex that he isn't the enemy and Codex is, and told him to abandon him and join his forces but then Lex refuses and defeats the vampire and meets Codex wearing a similarly colored cloak from before. Then both Lex and Codex went back to the Great Library. Lex then asks where Cassandra is and Codex replied that she is inside his pen. Upon hearing this, Lex then realizes that Codex was the main villain which proves that Dracula was right. Lex finally battles Codex and his summoned minions and defeats him. Before Codex makes his final blow, Lex then spelled 'HIPPOPOTOMONSTROSESQUIPEDALIAN' trapping Codex in his pen.

After that Cassandra appears in front of Lex and tells him that he saved the day, defeating Codex by trapping in his pen, and told him that he will be the new guardian of the Great Library.

Game Features

This game features the following:

  • Players can spell words using any letter in the grid up to 16 letters, unlike Bookworm Deluxe where you have to spell words using adjacent tiles.
  • This game has 5 different modes: Adventure Mode, Arena, Mini-games, Tome of Knowledge, and Clips and Giggles.
  • The game introduces gem tiles, treasures, and potions.
  • The game has 3 books of Adventure.
  • The game introduces about 150 enemies.


  • The name of the following books: Oedipus Lex, Arabian Knight, and Lexonomicon are taken from Oedipus Rex, Arabian Night, and Necronomicon, respectively.
  • Strangely, at the end of Book 3, Lex spelled 'HIPPOPOTOMONSTROSESQUIPEDALIAN' which is 30 letters long. The player is only able to spell words that are up to 16 letters long. This could be a joke giving the massive damage Lex carried.
  • Bookworm Adventures possibly took place before Bookworm Deluxe.
  • Shields didn't exist in this game yet, however; a Crystal tile provides Lex a protective shield.
  • Some bosses have battles that are continuous, similar how a Survival mode does. But these battles are known as Boss battles. The survival boss battles are rectified in the sequel as Survival Battle.
  • A boss in Book 2 has an Attack named Burning tile, it looks similar to a Fire tile but Fire Tiles weren't introduced until the sequel.
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