Bookworm Adventures Volume 2 v1.06.2376-TE

Lex with his companions in the cover of Bookworm Adventures, Vol. 2.

Companions are assisting characters that appear in Bookworm Adventures Volume 2. They each perform a certain activity every four turns.

Book 4: Fractured FairytalesEdit

Book 5: The Monkey KingEdit

  • Legendary Master - Stuns enemy and powers-up Lex every four turns.
  • Monkey King - Alters between several slightly beneficial forms every four turns.

Book 6: Astounding PlanetEdit

  • H.G. Wells - Purifies Lex (not the grid) and raises an invincibility shield every four turns.
  • Skeletrox - Upgrades tiles and gems to a higher level every four turns.