Er-Lang Shen is the final boss of Book 5. He the first enemy to be Armored. He also has a dog which only has one attack.

Hearts: 30 hearts

Chapter name: The Celestial Realm


Guardian's Bite - curses tiles and damages Lex.

Fury of the Phoenix - burns and damages Lex.

Splitting Axe Strike - warps tiles and damages Lex.

Double-shot Bow - locks tiles and damages Lex.

Harder edition statisticsEdit

Er-Lang Shen Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3 Effect 4 Action
Guardian's Bite Curses 6 tiles and damages Lex for 5 turns Lowers Lex's attack power and damages him Er-Lang Shen gains a reflection shield that absorbs and reflects damage Er-Lang Shen's dog and the Year of the Dog bite Lex thrice
Fury of the Phoenix Burns and damages Lex for 5 turns Er-Lang Shen gains more attack power Er-Lang Shen gets healed for 8 hearts Er-Lang Shen will lean forward and then a blazing wind will appear to attack Lex
Splitting Axe Strike Warp tiles and damages Lex Plagues 4 tiles and damages Lex for 3 turns Er-Lang Shen will go near Lex, spinning around 2 times then hitting Lex with his spear/axe/staff.
Double-shot Bow Locks 6 tiles and damages Lex for 6 turns Er-Lang Shen gains an immunity shield that purifies himself and absorbs great amount of damage from Lex As the attack's name says, his axe/spear/staff turns into a bow and he shoots twice at Lex
Shortness Resistance Immune to 3-5 letter words Monster is heavily armored against damage Passive ability, and therefore, no action and cannot be performed.


  •  He's the only boss with a dog.
  •  Some trivia is painfully obvious