Fallen Wizard Hero

Fallen Wizard Hero

The Fallen Wizard Hero is the enemy and boss of Chapter 7 of Book 3. After Lex defeated Grim, who tells that all is lost and Cassandra and Codex are dead, Lex aimlessly walks into the Tomb of the Fallen Heroes, where the 4 fallen heroes decide to test him to know if he is the one that can defeat the evil. After defeating him, he tells that Cassandra and Codex still live, and Dracula are holding them in his tower.


Attack name Attacks Description Action
Lightning Strike [Stn] Stuns and damages Lex.

Strikes Lex with lightning with his magic scepter.

Pillar of Fire [Smh] [Brn] Smashes tiles and burns and damages Lex. Spreads fire to Lex with his hand.
Frost Shards [Bld] [Frz] Cuts, freezes and damages Lex. Spreads ice to Lex with his scepter.
Leeching Cloud [Lee] [Psn] Heals the enemy and poisons Lex. Using his hand, he spreads leeching cloud to Lex.
Heroism Aura [Imm] [ArH] Enemy is immune to 3-letter words and freeze and very resistant to damage. 3 lettered words cannot be used to attack him, cannot be frozen and takes heavily less damage.