Gem Steal

Marsling stealing a Crystal and Emerald gem tiles in a single attack

Gem Steal, also known as Gem Pilfer, is a tile attack that steals any available gem at random. Gem steal can greatly increase the difficulty in battle because it can steal powerful gem tiles (eg. Crystal or Diamond) which are hard to replenish.


  • In Bookworm Adventures, Gem Steal can only steal one gem at a time.
  • In Bookworm Adventures Vol. 2 some enemies steal multiple gem tiles.
  • Sometimes, Gem Steal is paired up with Tile Smash, which further increases the battle difficulty.
  • If you have an enemy that uses Gem Steal, be sure to use as many powerful gem tiles that you can, because when they steal them they are hard to replenish. To be able to get a diamond tile back, you would have to spell a really long word or guess the right word the first time in a mini game.