Mother Goose, is the first companion, in Bookworm Adventures 2.

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Mother Goose, as seen in, the "Treasure Room."

She grants a healing potion every 4 turns.


She appears to be an ordinary white goose, with a gold-yellow beak, wearing small, round glasses, wearing a sunhat, with a orange flower, and a pink ribbon wrapped on the top, wearing a pink bonnet, underneath her sunhat.


When Big Bad Wolf was chasing her, they both passed Lex, as he also started chasing them, into the "Fractured Fairytales" Book (Book 4). During Lex's journey, Mother Goose said that she was caught by Big Bad Wolf, putting her into his stew pot. At Book 4, Chapter 3, Lex helps Mother Goose, get out of her pot, making her, the first companion of Lex.



1. She's based on herself as imaginary author of fairytales and nursery rhymes.

2. She's the only companion, that is a female, while the rest are males.