Polyphemus in battle

Polyphemus is an enemy that appears in Book 1: Chapter 2 in Bookworm Adventures and is the boss of Chapter 2. He also has 7 hearts. He is a cyclops with with a tattoo and a sack on his shoulder, he also has cuffs on his wrists, a rope wrapped around his body and a red beard and ponytail. He attacks with his fists which smashes letter tiles.

Polyphemus (Boss)Edit

Hearts: 7


Attack Name Attacks Description
Overhead Smash [Att] Damages Lex
Tile Smash [Smh] Smashes a tile


""The oculus of Polyphemus radiates descernment and ideality, and through it his will shall neither be impugned nor traduced."

-from Polyphemus' Government, Leadership & Sheep Care, 3rd edition"