Potion Steal

Greedy Monk stealing a purifying potion from Lex

Potion Steal was introduced in Bookworm Adventures 2. It is an enemy attack that can steal a potion(s) from Lex. The purpose of this attack is that Lex will have fewer potions when an enemy can steal his potion. This attack was first introduced in the Chapter 10 in Book 4 of the sequel.

Enemies that uses Potion StealEdit

Book 4Edit

  • Flamingo and Hedgehog
  • The Knave of Hearts
  • The King of Hearts
  • The Queen of Hearts (Boss)

Book 5Edit

  • Greedy Monk
  • Gluttonous Monk
  • Gold
  • West King

Book 6Edit

  • Computer Virus
  • Rogue Hacker
  • Lady Summer-Speak (Boss)