Scylla in battle.

Scylla is a sea monster with blue hair, blue legs and a dress. She uses her nails and legs to harm Lex. In Greek Mythology, Scylla had 6 necks each supporting one head that had sharp teeth, twelve tentacle-like legs, a cat's tail and four to six dog-heads ringing her waist. Another Mythology fact is that Scylla lived on one side of a narrow channel of water, and Charybdis lived on the other side. Meaning, when sailors tried to avoid Scylla they had to pass through Charybdis, and vice-versa. She is also the sixth enemy of Chapter 3, Book 1.


[Atk] Rake
[Stn] Stunning Stomp
[Rgn] Regenerate

Health: 7 Hearts


  • Scylla has the same legs as the Kraken.