Skeletrox Bad
IF rhymey silliness THEN Skeletrox unamused!
- Baby's Big Book of Bots

Attacks (As a boss)

Flaming Fist
Power of the Pen
Sharp Writ
Nose Meet Grindstone

Attacks (Dance Cmdr)

Light Show
Omega Wheel-Jack
The Blackout
Beatbots Represent


25 (As a Boss)
29 (Dance Cmdr)


Moderate Armor

Bonus Category






Inspired by

Evil robots everywhere!

Skeletrox is the (former) secondary antagonist and the boss of Chapter 4 in Book 6 of Bookworm Adventures Vol. 2. He is the younger brother of Bigger Brother and the robot counterpart of Codex.


As a bossEdit

Attack name Attacks Description
Flaming Fist [Brn][Att] Burns and Damages Lex
Power of the Pen [Sts][PoD][Att] Disables treasures and companions, weakens and damages Lex
Sharp Writ [Bld][Att] Cuts and Damages Lex
Nose Meet Grindstone [Brn][Stn][Att] Burns, Stuns and Damages Lex
Bonus Category: Metal [Bns] Spell "metal" words for extra damage.
Moderately Armored [ArH] This enemy is moderately resistant to damage.

Dance CmdrEdit

Skeletrox Dance Boss

Skeletrox as a Dance Boss

Attack name Attacks Description
Light Show [Stn][Fir] Ignites tiles and stuns Lex
Omega Wheel-Jack [Brn][Att] Burns and Damages Lex 
The Blackout [PoD][Att] Weakens and Damages Lex
Beatbots Represent! [PoU][Att] Strengthens the enemy and damages Lex and ultimate demage
Bonus Category: Dance [Bns]

Spell "dance" words for extra damage.

Moderately Armored [ArH]

This enemy is moderately resistant to damage.


Bookworm Adventures Vol. 2Edit

He is one of the robots used by his brother, Bigger Brother, in accomplishing The Plan. As he appeared he fought Lex, but he was defeated. In his second battle against him, he fought in a dance battle, but he was shut down and beaten for good. His systems then rebooted and from then on, he joined Lex to defeat Bigger Brother.


  • His right arm resembles the Magic Pen.
  • The second time he is fought, his reprogrammed self appears alongside the other companions when Lex is spelled, alluding to his appearance as an ally later on.


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