Trojan Captain in battle

Trojan Captain is an enemy that appears in Book 1: Chapter 1 in Bookworm Adventures. He is the fourth enemy in Chapter 1 and has nine hearts. He looks like a typical Trojan with blue and black striped fluff on his helmet, he also has a shield with a picture of a Trojan helmet on it just like the Trojan Warrior and the Trojan Spearman but the helmet is surrounded by blue, he also has blue knee pads and he does have a face mask but does not have a small dagger. He only attacks with a saber.

Trojan CaptainEdit

Hearts: 9


Attack Name Attacks Description
stab [Att] Damages Lex


"The Trojan army is known for its discipline under the stress of battle. Observers credit this to the Trojan Officer corps, whose courage and dedication inspires unquestioned loyalty from their men."