Vampire Cultist is the 4th enemy to be
Da vampire Cultist

"What he was in life was forever erased, all loyalties denied except that to his dread master." -Van Helsing's Vampires

fought in Chapter 9, book 3. It has 26 hearts. He has a katana which he uses often.



Blood Ritual

Vampire Bite

Hearts 26

Heavy Armor, Poison Immunity, Freeze Immunity

Vulnerabilties None
Book 3
Chapter 9
Order 4th


Ability Description Action
Claw Poisons and damages Lex The Cultist claws Lex using his right fingers.
Blood Ritual Cuts and Damages Lex, Power-Ups enemy The Cultist slashes lex with his katana.
Vampire Bite Weakens and Damages Lex, Purifies and Heals enemy The Cultist flies to Lex and bites him.
Curse Eternal Enemy is very resistant to Damage, and is immune to Poison and Freeze N/A