Witch is the sixth boss of Boowkorm Adventures 2. She has a lollipop. Her face changes image if it attacks or fell down after she defeated. She's the first boss to have 5 attacks in Bookworm Adventures 2, however, she doesn't use one, so she only has 4 attacks.



Fractured Fairytales, Forgotten Forest


Broom Beating, Delicious Lure, Tile Enchantment, Confusing Tackle, and Flyby Witching



Difficulty in defeating

medium-hard (if you're having a bad vocabulary) easy (if you have good vocabulary or you are cheating)


  • Broom Beating (doesn't do this attack even in Arena) - damages Lex
  • Delicious Lure - stuns and damages Lex
  • Tile Enchantment - warps tiles and damages Lex
  • Confusing Cackle - changes tiles and damages Lex
  • Flyby Witching - warps and locks tiles and damages Lex


  • She is the only boss that changes faces, unless you count Bigger Brother.
  • She is the only boss that doesn't use an attack, in this case, Broom Beating. By this logic, the Witch only has 4 attacks.